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The Bold New World of Hashtags

First things first, let’s #GetReal. We are in the bold new world where the pound sign (#) has risen from obscurity to the prime space bar buddy. So grab your popcorn (and your phone) as we plunge into the depths of hashtag etiquette.

From #Obscure To #Trending

A hashtag is more than just a string of characters. It’s the digital bridge that connects us, the jigsaw piece that completes our social media puzzle.

But remember folks, like Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And he didn’t even live to see the hashtag era. So let’s get down to business and decode the mysteries of the do’s and don’ts of hashtag etiquette.

Do #MakeSense

Unless you’re a contemporary artist expressing your obscure existential thoughts (In which case, go wild, Picasso!), make sure your hashtag makes sense. #Dont #Hashtag #Like #This. Using hashtags like a string of Morse code won’t win you any points. Instead, try to be straightforward. #MakeYourHashtagsCount.

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Don’t #OveruseHashtags

Remember, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Overloading your posts with hashtags can make your content look desperate, not to mention incomprehensible. You’re trying to #MakeAStatement, not write the next #DaVinciCode. So, just like a well-spiced dish, a dash of hashtags is all you need.

Do #CapitalizeEachWord

No, it’s not just a fancy way to look smart, it’s actually practical. Capitalizing each word in your hashtag, also known as CamelCase, can make it more readable. It also helps screen-readers for visually impaired users. So next time you’re hashtagging, #DoItLikeThis and not #doitlikethis.

Don’t #HashtagEverything

Not everything needs to be tagged. Tag only what’s relevant and crucial. If you hashtag everything, the value of each one diminishes. Like an overzealous gardener, don’t go planting hashtag seeds all over your social media garden, unless you want a #WeedyMess.

Do #KeepItShortAndSweet

Size does matter, at least in the realm of hashtags. Your hashtag isn’t the place for your dissertation title. Keep it short, sweet, and memorable. #ThisIsAGoodExample, #ThisIsNotAGoodExampleBecauseItsWayTooLongAndNobodyHasTimeForThat.

Don’t #SpoilThePlot

Spoilers are great for cars, not for hashtags. If you’re discussing a hot new film or show, don’t spoil the plot with your hashtags. #NobodyAppreciatesSpoilers.

In Conclusion…

That’s it, folks! You’re now well-versed in the labyrinthine world of hashtag etiquette. Remember, it’s all about balance, relevance, and readability. Be smart, be kind, and above all, be #SocialMediaSavvy.

So, after brushing up on your hashtagging skills, why not put them into practice? On a totally unrelated note (or is it?), have you heard of the Boost App Social? It’s the perfect platform for you to strut your newly honed hashtag prowess. After all, #PracticeMakesPerfect.