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Ever watched a stand-up comic so good, you thought they could make a hyena doubt its laugh? You think, “They’re going places.” Then you check their online presence, and it’s like they’re hiding in the witness protection program. Unacceptable! In today’s comedy scene, the stage isn’t the only platform that matters. The internet is now your stage, your hashtags are your gigs, and your audience is… well, it’s literally everyone with Wi-Fi. Let’s dive in!

The Twitterverse, the ‘gram, TikTok, YouTube, or your platform du jour are no longer optional add-ons. They’re the bread and butter of your career. It’s time to turn those slapstick jokes into hashtag gold. Let’s start with the essentials, shall we?


To begin, you need to have a knack for trending hashtags. Why? It’s simple, hashtags = visibility, and visibility = new audiences. Ever noticed how a #StarbucksCup can trend for days after a GOT episode? Or how #BernieMittens became more famous than the inauguration itself?

It’s time to turn trending topics into your comedic playground. Comedy is all about timing, and when it comes to trending hashtags, it’s no different.


Your online presence must echo your unique comedic voice. Use your platform to show people what you’re all about. For instance, if your comedy is peppered with sarcasm, a #WhySoSerious with a sarcastic take on a popular topic would go a long way.


Consistency is key. Tweet like you’re trying to keep a Tamagotchi alive – regularly and with purpose. You have to give your audience something to look forward to. If they know you’ll be dropping one-liners or puns with a #JokeOfTheDay, they’re more likely to tune in.


While building your stand-up career online, never forget the most crucial element – engagement. Respond to comments, engage in debates (tastefully, of course), appreciate the shares and likes. Show your audience that you’re not just another stand-up comedian; you’re their stand-up comedian.


Join forces with other comics. Start hashtag trends together, challenge each other, and feed off each other’s audiences. Collaboration is not a dirty word; it’s networking. Even Batman worked with Superman, and they practically do the same job.


Use scheduling tools, analytics, and insights to your advantage. Understanding your audience is crucial in determining your online strategy. Remember, you’re not throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks. You’re a stand-up comic with an arsenal of hashtags ready to conquer the internet.

Now, armed with these hashtags and insights, your comedy stand-up career is set to rocket to new heights, taking you from performing in empty bars to global screens. In essence, in the digital age, don’t just stand up, stand out!

And remember, keep them laughing, both online and offline!

The stage is yours, the internet’s your crowd, and the hashtags? They’re your ticket to stardom. It’s time to start tweeting, folks!